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Emails: [email protected] (work) | [email protected] (personal). If unsure, use my work email.
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I am a PhD student in statistics at the math department of UC San Diego.

I proudly host the website of the Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science, a “part-serious, part-satirical” journal. (I didn’t make the content; the editor-in-chief, Matt J. Michel, single-handedly created almost everything.) For tech satire, I recommend AlwaysTrending.

At the moment, the only place online where I’m active is Metaculus, which describes itself as a site for predictions, but I like to think of it as a site for quantifying and sharpening subjective uncertainty. It was started by a few physicists at UC Santa Cruz, and I think it’s well suited for academics and students in the sciences and math. My username there is ‘v’. Join us!